Yahoo! News Reports on China One-Child Policy

A billboard promoting China’s one-child policy (AP/Greg Baker)

The Chinese government isn’t getting rid of its one-child policy currently in place. It’s just making it sound better. China’s communist party newspaper, People’s Daily, reports that the government will revamp its abrasive-sounding slogans surrounding the policy.

People’s Daily cites several examples of “harsh slogans,” including those “which sometimes even threaten criminal acts.” The newly instituted program, slugged the “face-washing project,” will offer more proactive slogans to help enforce the policy, which has been in place since 1979. China claims the policy, which applies to those living in urban areas, affects approximately 35.9 percent of the population and has resulted in an estimated 400 million fewer births since first being implemented.

Some examples of the more offensive slogans currently in use include:

“If you don’t receive the tubal ligation surgery by the deadline, your house will be demolished!”

“We would rather scrape your womb than allow you to have a second child!”

“Kill all your family members if you don’t follow the rule!”


“Once you get captured, an immediate tubal ligation will be done; Should you escape, we’ll hunt you down; If you attempt a suicide, we’ll offer you either the rope or a bottle of poison.”

The new less offensive slogans replacing the more callous ones will reportedly seek to “avoid offending the public and stoking social tensions.”

China’s one-child policy has faced criticism from around the world. In addition to more obvious concerns about civil liberties, the policy has reportedly had the unintended effect of many familiesaborting female babies until a male child is conceived. That trend has resulted in 118 boys being born for every 100 girls, which has contributed to males outnumbering females in China by an estimated 30 to 40 million.

China is also bracing itself for an unprecedented growth in its senior population over the next several decades. As of today, people over the age of 60 make up only 13 percent of China’s population. But that percentage is expected to swell to over 30 percent by 2050.

People’s Daily offered some examples of the “softer” messages the government will issue, including:

“Caring for the girl means caring for the future of the nation.”

“Please get rid of the alcohol and cigarettes before you plan to be a father.”

[Via the BBC.]”

Chai Ling, founder of  All Girls Allowed is on a mission to rescue pre-born girls in China.  Click


The mission of All Girls Allowed is to restore life, value, and dignity to girls and mothers, and to reveal the injustice of China’s One-Child Policy.

Since 1980, the implementation of China’s One-Child Policy has led to female gendercide, abandonment of daughters, child trafficking and violations of women’s reproductive rights.  Through education, advocacy, strategic partnerships, and legal defense, All Girls Allowed strives to:

EXPOSE the truth about the One-Child Policy and mobilize the global community to advocate against the cruel methods used to enforce the One-Child Policy.

RESCUE victims of the One-Child Policy through four programs:

  • Ending Gendercide – Educating families against female gendercide and providing monthly stipends that ease the burden of having a baby girl.
  • Educating Abandoned Girls – Providing scholarships for abandoned girls to receive primary, secondary and post-secondary education.
  • Rescuing Trafficked Children – Resourcing parents to find their kidnapped children through an online search database and search & rescue campaigns.
  • Defending Mothers – Providing legal defense to forced abortion victims as well as mothers who are in danger of forced abortion or forced sterilization.

CELEBRATE the work of God in bringing life, value and dignity to girls and mothers.

All Girls Allowed is an initiative of the Jenzabar Foundation, Inc., a registered 501(c)(3) organization.

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